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Doodle Prices are 600-900. depending on size, sex, parents, & coat.  Deposits ARE refunded if you change your mind, so most puppies are reserved before birth, and your place held for final decision later, as temperament and coats become apparent. CALL for most recent updates 605 932-3722
Please make checks payable to Lorna Behrns

Representative photos of upcoming Summer litters
Thelma & Louise
Future breeding prospects
Scooper's Past Litter

Mini Goldendoodles that were recently adopted.
Contact me for references from new families and/or for reservations on the next litter.


Example of a Standard Goldendoodle
Past litter pup from Pam & Red

Example of Standard Goldendoodle
Past litter pup from Ginger & Rusty


Contact Lorna: cowpounder@hotmail.com
Alternative Email: peeverpuppy@yahoo.com
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If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please call  605 - 932 - 3722

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