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The photo is Daisy Schoepf from Cushing, Minnesota. Sara and I adopted her the first week in September 2015.  She is dearly loved. We travel with her and she is always a wonderful companion.
I consider her my life savior. While walking on ice early this winter, I slipped and fell. I hurt my leg and was unable to walk. She stayed with me and we flagged a ride home. The first car that I flagged stopped. Likely they wanted to meet Daisy. Sooooo cute and toooo smart for her own good. As a result of the fall I had to have an x-Ray. A cancerous tumor was found in my leg. If I didn't have Daisy, I likely would not have been walking and may not have had the fall. When we got her, you may recall she picked me. While she was already reserved for another family.  It didn't work for that family,  I remember with joy the call from you to say she was available after all.
I have a long road ahead ahead of me!  Her unconditional love and exuberant personality will support me through this fight. God works in mysterious ways through all his creatures. I hope you enjoy my story and appreciate the special place She has in our hearts. ~ Sincerely, Tom and Sara Schoepf

Hi Lorna, just thought I would send you a picture of these 2 crazy dogs, they are doing great and have brought a lot of joy to Mary and myself, hope you guys have a Great holiday season!!! From Bruce, Mary, Stella and Remi

Hi Lorna,

Kenzie was 16 weeks old yesterday and is more precious every day. She is 7.2 lbs and 11 inches tall and beautiful. Kenzie will graduate from puppy school next week and has been a star student. The attached picture was taken yesterday. Although Kenzie doesn't play the guitar yet, she does like to listen. Should I still be expecting something from the AKC, or do I have what is necessary to register Kenzie? Thanks for such a precious gift.

~John Gregerson

Hello Lorna,
We have got so many dogs from you in the past. Just curious if you have any standard size doodles.
Looking for one for my little sister to become a service/companion dog.
Just curious, I looked at your website and just saw a lot of minis.
Just thought I would check with you! Thanks Hillary Hauser
We have a mini doodle from Opie and Hillary and we just love him from 5 years ago. Here's a picture of him

I thought you will be interested in Libbie's progress. I have named her Dakota Liberty and am calling her "Libbie." I took her to the Bismarck Animal Clinic on Nov. 25 and she had all her shots and Heartworm test, etc. Everything is fine with her.We flew from Bismarck to Phoenix on Dec. 1 without any problem other than that she was car sick before she got on the plane. Libbie has adjusted very well to walking with a leash. She has not had any "accidents" in the house. She sleeps in a crate at night and sometimes goes there during the day. She is still very shy, getting to know who to trust.Thank you for this precious gift! She is just what I needed at this time of my life--someone to take care of and who will be there for me when she is more comfortable with me and my home. Martha's little dog, Sherlock, is so adorable. He loves to play Frisbee, fetches it most of the time. He is an important part of their home.
I am attaching pictures of Libbie.
Best Holiday Greetings to you and your family ~Winona

Hi Lorna,
It is Barbara in New York with Amanda. She was from Hillary I believe. A beautiful red. She is doing well and is now 11 years old. I was wondering if you still do the standards? Please let me know. I will talk with you soon and wish you a very happy New Year. I love Amanda and we have a grand time together.
Here is a before and after shot...So sweet.. Beautiful dog and the apple of my eye. Hope you enjoy seeing her again.

Sincerely,  Barbara Striegel in Smithtown NY.

We wanted to let you know how much Charlotte means to our family. She has been a fabulous addition to our family. She has a playful, loving, and sweet personality.
She was born May 15, from Little Ricky & Luverne. She currently weighs 15.7 #.
She was the last of the litter to be picked up. We picked her up end of July. She was completely potty trained (ringing her bell to go outside) by the end of week 2. She is so smart! 
We are currently working with her to stay in our yard and following a few other commands. She catches on very easily & loves to be rewarded!!
We just wanted to give you an update & let you know she is well loved!!
We have given your name out to several others who have also fallen in love with Charlotte!!
Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Linden, Kelly, Hailey, and Levi Heikens

Lorna - We just love our Lucy, and she is really shaping up to be a smart, loyal, lovable family member. She is so sweet and just cute as can be. My husband, who believes that dogs are just dogs, not real members of the family, is CRAZY about her!

Wanted to show you how she’s grown. I so wish I was closer to Cowpounder, I would love to come up and play with all your pups! Take care! ~Margie Powers

Hi Lorna!!
My family has gotten two beautiful golden doodles from you in 2005 and 2013. And a close family friend also got one from you just this past 2015 summer:) I love them so much but I do not live at home with my parents dogs anymore so I am interested in getting myself either a male or female mini golden doodle from one of your 2016 litters!! I like the ones that are not quite that dark reddish color and not the lightest color either. So more of that in between color. I am interested in sending you a deposit for a puppy of a litter ready to come home after June 1, 2016 depending on when your future litters will be born and ready to go home! Thanks!!! Happy Thanksgiving, very thankful for the wonderful puppies we have previously gotten from you, one of which had her 3rd birthday yesterday! :)
Makenzie Schmidt, Fargo ND

Hi Lorna,  She’s about 6 months & continues to
be a most wonderful addition to our lives.
We recommend you again and again and again.

A Mini Goldendoodle Service dog

Hi Lorna, 

We got "Luke" (now Jackson) from you in November and wanted to share a photo.

He sure has made us happy! He is sharp as a tack and loves the snow! Can't wait to take him swimming this summer. Hope all is well! Jessie

F1B Mini Goldendoodle
Here is a picture of Crosby....we have absolutely fallen in love with him.  He is incredibly smart.  He already slept through the night last night in his crate (night 3).  Then today he went to the door and rang the bell we have hanging on the handle to signify he needed to go outside.  Thank you so much for helping to add such a precious thing to our family.
Byron, Minnesota

Hi Lorna!
I hope 2013 is off to a great start for you and all of your doodles. I wanted to send along a really fun picture of Henry (from your April 2009 litter with Rusty as the dad). 

Henry is the happiest, healthiest and most well-behaved dog ever. We recently got married and he was right there at the ceremony in his bow tie. The attached picture is one of our engagement photos from Breckenridge, Colorado where Henry had a BLAST running around the mountain. 

Thanks again for a wonderful dog. I've sent SO many people to your website!

All the best,

CLYDE : A past Labradoodle from Sire: Red
Our Movie Star "Dust of War"
Clyde with Actor: Doug Jones Clyde with Writer/Director: Andrew Kightlinger

I know I said we would not let him on the couch but he is too darn cute and we love him so much we always want to snuggle him. Thank you soooooo much for training him for us. He has changed our lives. We love him and you too. Have a great weekend. Bev, Texas
Hi Lorna,
We got our mini goldendoodle from you about 2 years ago. Her name is Keiko now. We just wanted to let you know how wonderful of a dog she is and how much we absolutely adore her.  Many people have told us that she is the cutest puppy they have ever seen! She has such a friendly, calm, yet playful personality. Thank you for such a wonderful dog! We hope to get another goldendoodle from you in the future!
Meghan and Jon Anderson


I have one of Lorna's Shetland puppies, B-day: Jan 12, 2006. He is my shadow, he is very anxious to please, very loving, most adorable, great personality, plays (runs, chases, gets chased) with my bird (umbrella cockatoo) as well as my 10 year old lab/German Shepard mix.  He is submissive, very smart.  When retrieving he waits, points-yes points and runs in the direction I throw, brings it back and puts it in my hand. I quit crate training him after 5 months, he is doing great, he come to find me, talks to me, pulls on my hand and wants me to follow him to go outside.
We have had collies and shetland sheepdogs most of my life, this one is very special, I lost my in April of this year, my father back in march 2002, and I truly believe "Finley" is my gift from them. One other thing regarding his loyalty to me, about 2 weeks ago, the lawn company left my gate open and Finley was gone, I could not imagine where he could be, so I put "Halee" my adopted dog on her leash and we set out walking carrying a picture of "Finley" and asked everyone if they had seen him, no luck-needless to say, I was ready to have a breakdown.  As I approached my home, I heard him crying/barking at the front door of my house, and of course relieved to see him there looking for us! I don't think he let me out of his site the whole day... Also, he arrived at Detroit Metro just fine-no problems whatsoever, when I first held him, we bonded!

"Farewell and Good Luck"  The Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota requested puppy donation from me....and were so happy with the trainability and personality, they requested to lease the parents for a litter of their program puppies.  Daisy Mae and Kate were donated to HSDM, but Karla and Shadow will have litters soon, both fathered by Red.  Call for references from those trainers, or from families who have these great pups.


At 8 months is 20-25#'s
Ellsie is a past pup from Hillary's litter
Hillary = sister to Candy

My wife and I got a Mini Goldendoodle from you a while ago, we just wanted to give you and update.  We call her Ellsie now and she is an amazing dog.   She is sweet and loving, with plenty of good natured energy.  We had her spayed right at 6 months so she will not be breeding at all.  It is impossible to count how many times people have stopped us and asked up where we got her, I have given out your website every time.  I have attached a picture of Ellsie to this email, it is of her relaxing after a long hike in the woods in New Hampshire.  If you ever want us to talk to anyone about the dog or if you would like more pictures to show what a more adult dog you bred looks like, just let me know.  Thank you very much.
~ Geoff Fallon, NH


Greetings Lorna....Just a little note to tell you how Crystal and Nikki are doing.....they are best buddies and play all the time. Crystal just got spayed October 5th. she now is 8.7 lbs. We bought them each their own little fleece blankets and they just love them. Crystal curls up on it all of the time. Crystal got a pink one and Nikki got a blue one    LOL.  Our other sheltie, Cody loves both of them and everyone gets along just fine.  They love running around in the yard together.  Nikki is quite the little barker. He loves when the garbage man comes. He runs from window to window and goes crazy until the truck leaves.  We will send you some pictures soon.  We just love them to pieces and cant image life without them.  They are awesome little dogs. Take care. Doug and Tami.

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